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·Metal Hose

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Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube

Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel TubeFlexible corrugated stainless steel tube is made by corrugating stainless steel thin wall pipe have good flexibility ,high strength, heat resistance and pressure tightness They can be used to convey most kinds of fluid ,including the gaseous and liquid. read more

Undetermined dimension fuel gas piping systems using Corrugated stainless steel

Undetermined dimension fuel gas piping systems using Corrugated stainless steel Gas pipe and gas project are regarded as a foundation project one of the symbol of modern metropolis As new type of fuel, gas has a promising future of development in both civil and business fields read more

Central Air Condition Metal Hose

 Central Air Condition Metal HoseTube size:DN12,DN16,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40,DN50 Tube length 20cm,30cm,50cm,60cm ,UP to 4 meters each piece,other Length is available upon your require read more

·Solar Hose

pre insulated Solar Hose read more

Twin/Single Pre Insulated Solar Hose

Twin/Single Pre Insulated Solar HoseGD-FLEX pre insulated solar hose only require 1 step to finish the Solar Water Heater Pipe Installation, HT EPDM insulation pipe,annular corrugated stainless steel tube,Seamless UV resistant jacketing,silicon sensor wire,passed 500hours UV test read more

Fixed Length Connectting Tube

Fixed Length Connectting TubeSpecifically designed for solar thermal panels : 1 Flexible high-grade stainless steel tube 316L(or 304) 2 good compensate for solar thermal tubes 3 good UV-resistant pretect,passed 500 hours UV test read more

Fittings for solar hose

Fittings for solar hoseNuts,C-rings and Washers,NipplesCompression FittingsNPT female fittingNPT male fittingsolar collector connection.jpgelbow... read more

·EPDM insulation pipe

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EPDM insulation pipe

EPDM insulation pipe Our EPDM closed cell tube and sheet insulation is composed of Ethylene-Propylene-non-conjugatedDieneRubber, work temperature form -50℃ to +175℃,closed cell foam structure,Environmental,Non-CFC.low Flammability B1 Grade read more

Seamless UV Resistant Jacketing EPDM Insulation Pipe

Seamless UV Resistant Jacketing EPDM Insulation PipeSeamless UV resistant jacketing pre insulation solar hose for commercial system ,Smart Design,flexible corrugat read more