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EPDM insulation pipe


Our EPDM closed cell tube and sheet insulation is composed of Ethylene-Propylene-non-conjugatedDieneRubber, It is a kind of nonpolar , Saturation and no cracks rubber. Our EPDM insulation provides many advantages over most rigid insulations for cooling and heating lines,

1 outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance
2 work temperature(-200Celsius --+175Celsius)
3 Stable moisture & vapor resistance gene
4 low&stable thermal conductivity
5 closed cell foam structure,water absorption rate is low(The wall thickness of closed cell foam is 4 micron. closed cell foaming capacity is above 95%,water absorption rate less than 5%)
6 Environmental,Non-CFC.
7 low Flammability B1 Grade, self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited fire spreading

EPDM insulation pipe Specification
Item Unit Specification
Foam texture   Close Cell Foal
Density Kg/m3 48-80
Temperature Range   From -50℃ to +150℃ (up to 175 °C operating intermittent.)
Flammablility   B1
Oxygen index % ≥32
Conductivity factor
Average temperature

Water absorption ratio in vacuum % ≤5
Dimension stability
% ≤6
Crack resistance   good
Formaldehyde   Exclusive
Ammonium nitrite   Exclusive
Polyethylene   Exclusive
Application Instruction
type of medium for the insulated pipe Environmental Temperature Medium Temperature relative humidity Insulation Pipe Wall thicnkness
Frozen Water Pipe 28℃ 7℃ 75% 20mm-38mm
condensated water pipe 28℃ 18℃ 75% 13mm
Duct Piping 26℃ 16℃ 70% 13mm
Water supply and drainage pipe 28℃ 32℃ 75% 13mm
High temperature hot water pipe 22℃ 95℃ 65% 20mm seasonal or intermittent; 25mm perennial
Low temperature hot water pipe 22℃ 60℃ 65% 13mm seasonal or intermittent; 20mm perennial
Compare between EPDM and NBR 
After 1 year's out-door use After 1 year's out-door use
How to distinguish between EPDM and NBR
Method: put one piece of insulation pipe into Microwave at medium heat for heating two minutes separately. After two minutes, the NBR insulation will become very smelly and heavy smoke. EPDM doesn't have any special smell and no smoke.
The work temperature of EPDM can reach 175℃,But NBR/PVC can only reach 105 ℃
EPDM insulation pipe :before putting into microwave Put EPDM insulation pipe into microwave and turn on microwave at medium heat for two minutes. After two minutes. The only change is the insulation pipe become expansion.
NBR/PVC insulation pipe: before putting into microwave Put ENBR/PVC insulation pipe into microwave and turn on microwave at medium heat for two minutes. After two minutes. The heavy smoke happened and very smelly. The insulation body changes the shape seriously.


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